Poetry Corner: Hypoxia ain’t no joke

Hypoxia ain't no jokeAnd you didn't put your mask onBefore helping everyone else.You rushed up and down the aisleFar longer than youShould have been able.The lack of oxygenMade you forget your ownSurvival instinct,As if you ever had one.And force of habit made sureThat as long as there was life in youYou were always helping others.While … Continue reading Poetry Corner: Hypoxia ain’t no joke

Self-Publish VS Professional Publishing

Part of me really thinks that I should self-publish, and, if done well, it can work out really great for an author. I follow a lot of other authors who self-publish as well as I see it work really well for them. I know I could figure out all the things I would need to … Continue reading Self-Publish VS Professional Publishing

I Keep Forgetting It’s Almost Christmas

Originally posted to Patreon: December 21st, 2017 I posted all of my old posts earlier in the year, but since this was a very Christmasy one I decided to repost it now instead. Enjoy my ramblings from two years ago. In New York, I am used to seeing Christmas stuff going up before Halloween. It's … Continue reading I Keep Forgetting It’s Almost Christmas

Making Breakfast – Making Chrismas Parody

I wrote this forever ago one morning when I was, you'll never guess, making breakfast! XP I started thinking about all the crazy concoctions my sister and I used to make when we were kids and thought that was cooking. This time, this time Making breakfast Making breakfast Making breakfast making breakfast Is so fine … Continue reading Making Breakfast – Making Chrismas Parody